How many lure makers still hand carve lures?

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Re: How many lure makers still hand carve lures?

Post by Poolie » Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:56 pm

Powelly wrote:
flintlures wrote:Hi everyone! :)

My name is Joe Flint and I am 75 years old. I live in Queensland and I still make hand carved lures using a stanley knife and sand paper. I also make my own eyes and bibs. I mainly use White Beech timber when I can get it. I also use a bit of red cedar. Usaully I use zinc alume bibs but lately I have been experinenting with plastic bibs. I first got interested in making lures years ago in south west queensland, fishing for murry cod and yellow belly in the Barwon, Moonie and Balonne Rivers. In the early 50's we used aeroplane spinners and I started making my own out of old headlight reflectors, cutting out the blades and having then revolve around a bike spoke using beads with a treble hook covered in red wool. They worked well. I got interested in carving wooden lures when I met George Dempster in Townsville who taught me all about carving and painting wooden lures. That was about 20 years ago, I have been making them ever since. There are not a lot of my lures in circulation as I only make around 50-100 lures a year. I carve them with a stanley knife then paint them with an air brush and then cover them with a two part epoxy. Once dry I test them in someone's swimming pool if I can con them into it. I read the article last year from fishing monthly about Powell lures and realised that his technique was very similar to mine. I got my daughter to get on the internet for me to find out if there was still people who hand carved lures, and sure enough there were.. so I entered my name in the list.
Joe, what a great summary of your lure making history. I never had the pleasure of meeting George Dempster, but I use to buy a lot of lures from him about 20 years ago - fantastic lures with great paint jobs!

I didn't realise that this post had a new lease of life, so it's great to see there are still a few "dinosaurs", like me, handcarving and doing everything by hand. We're a bit like the 'stone masons' of the lure world! But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm pretty glad someone actually read the Lure Making Article(s) that I put in Fishing Monthly. I was trying to inspire a new generation of lure carvers. I'd hate to see the craft die.


You inspired me Travers, although I like to use a dremmel instead of a knife without your kit and helpful advise my lures would still look like a dog's breakfast and with Gary and yourself putting me on the right path to reduce my hardware costings I have plans for fizzers and crawlers in the next few months and a few other projects are hanging in the shed waiting for a lick of paint that would never have come to be, I can't see this craft ever dying out it's too much fun and I'll teach my how to do it.
Thank again, Poolie.

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