Market Value ???

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Market Value ???

Post by vince. » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:17 pm

??? What’s the go with all this market value prices that seems to be quoted all the time. ???

Has there been a book published with current market prices or is it just prices given by the people that know more than everyone else.
I seem to be seeing this more and more, not a problem with the idea, but how and why are these determined to be the market prices.
Do we also have a recommended wholesale price to retailers or dealers or is that being a bit flippant ???
Collectable lures are just that,collectable. How in the world can someone who doesn’t collect a particular lure put a value on it. How in the world can someone who does collect a particular lure and doesn’t want to pay too much for that lure, put a realistic value on it.
I know there are a lot of people out there that have dealt in collectable lures and would consider themselves quite the expert on such things, but if you are not a true collector, how would you know and why would you be so arrogant to think you know a market value.
There’s an old saying in the bush,”you don’t have to be a liar and a cheat to be a good stock and station agent, but it sure helps”. Maybe some of these lure dealers did some work for Elders in the past lol

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