The Shimano Bantam.

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The Shimano Bantam.

Post by vince. » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:22 am

As Albert will be indulging on of his many passions in the rod section, I thought I would do the same.

Shimano Bantams became a bit of an obsession some years back after I seen the pics that were posted here by Fizza. These were of his Bantam 100 with timber crank nobs.

In my need to know more, I found there was not a lot of info available about the Bantams history in Australia. Not to say that there isn`t, just that I couldn`t find it. I am hoping that the Australian timelines are similar to the U.S., where there is a lot more available info. What I write here is based primarily on the Bantam history in the U.S.

Early Days,

Shozaburo Shimano started the Shimano Iron Works in Sakai Japan in 1921 & began manufacturing his bicycle. His company grew & in 1965 the Shimano American Corporation was set up in New York. In 1970 the Fishing Tackle Division of Shimano was created.

The modern low profile casting reel has developed from the first one introduced in 1975. This reel “Lew`s Speed Spool” model BB1, was a joint effort between Lew Childre of Alabama & Shimano Japan.

In 1978, differing designs & the production of the first Bantams led Lew Childre to leave Shimano & continue production of the Speed Spool with Ryobi. That same year, Shimano released in America the Bantam 100 & 100EX.

This Speed Spool was manufactured in Japan, July 1976.

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