Arrived just in time !

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Arrived just in time !

Post by diemai » Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:23 pm

Hi , folks ,

Ordered these off US Ebay weeks ago for a very good price , the mailman brought them some days ago , so I can still use them for local pike this season ending December 31st(or with ice-up) , .......gonna take them along today , I'm almost right at door to leave for a boat trip thumbsupsmilie !

Some well suited and proven lures in used condition , ......a floating , deep diving "Bomber Long A" rated at 6 inch of length without bib and two "Cisco Kids" of 7 inches body length .
The latter are made by "Suick" and due to the heavy bib and hardware these are sinking lures . If you look closely , you'll find that both look a bit different , .....the striped one must be the older one ,'s still marked on it's belly , embossed into the plastic material , ..the silver one is only marked on the bib .

Probably a pike would take a bite today or tomorrow , weather forecast is not that bad , ......grey skies , moderate winds , only occassional drizzling rain at temps of 4°to 9°C , .......pike weather !
Cheers , diemai howdy
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