Garret Sell Out! Will lure sales in Coral sea drop

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Garret Sell Out! Will lure sales in Coral sea drop

Post by BIG GUY » Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:58 pm

Garrett’s marine environmental policy on the brink of disasterNational Spokesperson for the Boating and Fishing Council of Australia (BFCA) Dean Logan today pointed
to the front page article in the Weekend Australian (Dec 5-6 Marine Park Battle of the Coral Sea ) on the
Coral Sea as a defining moment for Peter Garrett’s environmental leadership of Australia’s marine
Mr Logan commented, “The unilateral decision to declare the Coral Sea a Conservation Zone and side with
the USA funded Pew Environment Group (a division of The Pew Charitable Trusts), was done without any
“As a result Peter Garrett has single handedly lost the respect of the entire Australian recreational marine,
boating, outboard and fishing sectors and is causing deep divisions within the Australian environmental
On 20 May 2009 the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett set a worrying precedent with the
unilateral decision declaring the Coral Sea a Conservation Zone with no prior consultation with industry or
affected Queensland communities. Significant angst and uncertainly now exists as a direct result of the
decision with the international environmental lobby group Pew – with a $US4bn balance sheet - using the
Coral Sea issue to push for the implementation of ‘no take’ marine policies throughout Australia.
Logan continued, “The BFCA makes no excuses for adopting a strong marine environmental stance,
however the appalling Coral Sea decision is a significant issue that effects not only Queenslanders but has
major ramifications for other parts of Australia.”
Pew have a clear no-negotiation, no-take – and in some instances no-human activity – policy stance and
are already using the Coral Sea announcement as a backdrop to run massive campaigns in Western
Logan went on to say, “Make no mistake that some of Australia’s largest companies are watching this very
issue with great concern.
“In our view the environment will benefit more through a collaborative co-management approach where both
industry and community views are respected and taken into consideration. We have some of the best
marine environmental policies in the world for this very reason.”
Peter Garrett’s Ministerial leadership and judgment is further questioned with the Bio-Regional Planning
Process also in complete disarray. The BFCA and the Federal Department of the Environment, Water,
Heritage & the Arts have convened a critical meeting this Friday in Canberra to resurrect what is a
terminally ill process.
Logan concluded, “Our door is open and we will continue to work with Australian environmental groups to
secure a balanced outcome for industry, the community and importantly the environment. We can’t however
stand by and allow international lobby groups to dictate terms and disrespect decades of hard work by our
respective sectors. The sooner Peter Garrett realizes this and starts to work with us the better,” concluded
Mr Logan.
END - Media can contact Dean Logan (National Spokesperson) on 0403 195 798
Boating and Fishing Council of Australia - Canberra
8 December 2009

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Re: Garret Sell Out! Will lure sales in Coral sea drop

Post by lure crazy » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:29 pm

Garret should have stuck to singing. Every thing he does in politics just #@$s people off, thats even if he does anything at all. spbx
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Re: Garret Sell Out! Will lure sales in Coral sea drop

Post by barra king » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:01 am

The proposed "no take zone" in the coral sea aint that bad.Google the proposed map and you will see.Gee that Rhymes. lol
I have the link here but im not sure if im allowed to post it here as its a government site ??

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