customising cork handle

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customising cork handle

Post by junior_fisho » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:33 am

i have a berkley dropshot series 2 and i was wondering if it is possible to file/cut/sand the cork grip below the reel to make it have a spilt grip appearance?
would their be a negative effect to this?
any suggestions or tips?has someone done this before??

cheers james


Post by HOTRODS » Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:20 am

without the use of a rod lathe the shaping of the cork ON the blank would be a tad tricky, it is possible BUT not you have to contend with getting the glue of the blank without damaging it...

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Post by bloodworms » Sun Feb 24, 2008 2:56 pm

Yep it can be done but as allready stated a rod lathe is really a must.

just a few things to consider 1st being make sure it's true cork, I dont know the rod you're refering to & quite a few production rods have hyperlon coated in cork which puts re shaping out of the Q.

Care not to cut into the blank when cutting away the cork not required
Use some masking tape to give you your cut line.
You can use a stanly knife or similar to remove the bulk of your cork & you'll be left with the glue.

If that portion is not lumpy etc & you dont have a rod lathe cut long strips of sand paper & justwork the paper over the glue rotating the rod as you go, till you have a pretty smooth surface.

Once you've done that you can now cheat & bind up that area with cotton thread & once lackered nobody will know cause the laquer if applied correctly & on a slow rotating motor will hide any high/low spots.

Another option & prob alot easier is to cut all the way through the cork & blank throw away the centre part then glue in an extention piece of blank.

You can do this very easily cause that part of the blank does not factor into the rods performance & is basically just a pretty extention.

I've actually got a new rod I'm building in front of me now which I've done just that, I wanted an extended butt & used a rod that was broken so I used it's fore grip as the new rods butt & even saved the bindwork from the broken rod, just in the process of shaping the corks now.


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