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Post by Capt.Seaweed » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:59 pm

Been away in Thailand and only just seen this, very nice lures Rob.
Have some interesting lures to post pics of shortly, obtained while away.
Regards, Tony.
"Always merry and bright"

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Post by vince. » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:10 pm

aussbasstony wrote:
Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:06 pm
Rupe wrote:Top finish indeed & going by the one that sold last night VERY VERY popular!!

(up to mods ofcourse)
Rupe it is a nice lure and the way the bidding was going on it at end of auction and through the auction is why i was not going there.

Nice lure and Kudos to the maker but someone who is just starting out and selling them I think a maker needs to do the yards and time will make them more valuable to the collector !
Was serving a ban when this idiot posted his conspiracy theory. Just found this and had to say something -duh
When this lure was sold, I knew Rob was after it and didn’t try to out bid him even though I would have liked it myself.
I may have put a bid on early, can’t remember now. ??? I know several of Adams mates were after it as well. thumbsupsmilie we all could see the talent(except perhaps the all knowing Mr,Paine) and this was a no. 1 after all. Try and buy one now. My son was the winning bidder, not knowing Rob was also bidding, he paid what he had to in order to win it. His motive was to win it and give it to Rob as a thank you gift for a big favour Rob had done for him. No conspiracy, no underhanded bidding, just as Rob said, someone wanted it more than he did.
Unfortunately that sad little man Tony Paine, not knowing what doing a favour is, immediately put his own evil pathetic twist on it to try and down grade everyone concerned, even the maker. Sad really. I guess when you have no real values or self asteem, that’s what you become, very sad.

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