Vintage Lures

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Vintage Lures

Post by vince. » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:55 pm

I guess it would be a long debate as to what qualifies as a vintage lure.
We see them a lot on eBay, usually listed by, you would hope those who know no better.
I only comment because I have seen a Dereel lure listed twice now as a vintage lure. Going on past history, I doubt if the seller is unaware of the age.
Mick Gillard is a good mate of mine and also the maker of this lure. Mick has not been at the game long and despite him being an idiot from Victoria, he still makes a quality lure. If you have been a fisherman all your life and are good with your hands, it’s hardly rocket science as Mick proves perfectly.
Thing is, and I haven’t talked to Mick about this, but if you asked him if you would be justified in calling one of his lures vintage, I can almost guarantee you he would say “f**k off don’t be stupid”.
Mick’s lures are certainly not vintage, but as good as you will get anywhere, so why do we need to lie.

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