Come on Ross.

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Come on Ross.

Post by vince. » Sun May 17, 2020 7:21 pm

Just about sick of seeing unethical people listing lures on eBay. It’s not just the old mate in Perth with no ethics, but there are others. Maybe some don’t know, can’t be said for the dipshit in Perth. Just a total piece of shit. This is just my opinion and would love to hear from the person I am accusing of lying, can’t see that happening though.
A timber R M G or a timber Jamie Flett lure is always going to be just that and always of value to anyone collecting these makers lures. To knowingly pass off recently made lures as vintage, is a whole different issue. This bloke will call anything vintage to trick the unsuspecting.
I have no problem with a lure maker selling lures as retro lures, had a mate do that some time back. The buyer knew this and was happy to buy them at the relevant price. The Perth Gentleman also brought some and is now passing them off as vintage. Hate to repeat myself, but what a piece of shit.
Just a word of warning to Jamie Flett collectors, I was told by Jamie some years ago that I was buying the last of his person JF lures. Unless it is an obviously old lure and this can very easily be achieved, anyone telling you a lure is from Jamie’s collection is telling a lie. Either Jamie lied to me years ago when he sold his business or there’s the other option. Maurie Marsden did the same, sold me all his old lures and then miraculously pulled ever older ones out of his arse to sell on eBay.
Take care when buying lures. Many lure makers are downgrading their lures for a few dollars and screwing the collectors who initially supported them. I guess lures are easier made than morals.

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Re: Come on Ross.

Post by Rellik-doc-rob » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:32 pm

I was accused of being involved in this scam....

My only involvement was selling lures to Ross , and him being fully aware of them being “ retro lures”...

Never at any point have i gained anything from his ebay sales.

He paid me $20 each for those lures... my time was worth more than that.

To the accusers... thubsdown thubsdown

The Harder I work, the luckier I get...

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Re: Come on Ross.

Post by ocd1688 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:01 pm

Good day Rob

This site only got going again couple of weeks ago after months of “server cannot be found”.
It’s back up but don’t know for how long!

The first post was this one.
One can go back to July 2018 when my old mate, and yours too, put up a post called “ vintage lures“.
Of course there was no reply.
This one follows the same theme and I expected this too will become another unanswered post until you came on.

Both concerned the word VINTAGE.

I cannot find anything in either that was pointing the finger at you mate.
Certainly there was no mention of a scam and certainly there was no mention of you being involved in it.

Consider the fact that a furniture item from Ikea can be put on the bay as a piece of vintage furniture, why not a fishing lure!

You hope people will know better and the old mate was letting lure collectors know the word vintage in certain people’s vocabulary is not the same as most people. That is deceiving or in other words telling lies.

It follows on that lure makers who make “retro” lures can present them as vintage which has been done,and will continue so.
That is telling lies.

But you are NOT one of them. We bought your lures plus many others that you generously gave to us with full knowledge of when they were made. There was no deceit.

I just want to put that point out to our “vast” audience, including those who come and have a little peep and rubbing their hands together waiting for a shit fight. All I can say to these people is you will be waiting a long time!

There are some new RMG collectors out there and your lures are becoming popular again.
The old mate just wish that they are not going to be victims of deception.

As you said your time and your lures deserves better, a lot better.

Also I would like to point out that we have never sold any of your lures.
May be we should have a shit fight, creating more notoriety regarding your lures and our collection will go up in value.
I don’t think so.

Anyway I hope you are well thumbsupsmilie thumbsupsmilie and

Many blessings


I have lost touch with posting.

Did not separate my answer to RDR’s post and don’t know how to do it after.


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