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seascape reel

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:30 pm
by chimpetta
hi guys i was recently given this seascape reel.does anyone have much info on them in regards to history and worth .cheers.)

Re: seascape reel

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:44 am
by fishaholic5
The Seascape was Built by Wallsend Engineering in Newcastle NSW, It came in 2 sizes, The Major that you have and the Minor with a narrower spool.
It was the first 6:1 ratio reel available for the High Speed Spin fisho's chasing Tuna off the stones with metal lures.
A Great Reel, Rough as gut's Aussie Enginuity and Light years ahead of it's time in the 60's and 70's, The Seascape was responsible for countless captures of huge Tuna and Kingfish.
Value? I have no Idea, but they were worth their weight in gold to many of the fisho's at the time


Re: seascape reel

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:19 pm
by chimpetta
awesu info about the reel guys. i think ill build myself a rod to match as i live near point perpendicular on the mid northcoast.a great lbg spot for tuna and ill lbring her out of retirement and hit the rockledges again. thks heaps guys much appreciated.