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Early Jitterbug Color "Family"

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:35 am
by rivermandave
It's NOT well known that the green scale pattern was only made for a few years.

It wasn't in the 1941 catalog....but you will see it up to 1954...then is gone in the 1960 catalog.

In the 1972 and later catalogs it was blue instead of green smckin lol

Here's a group I sold recently to a VERY good friend of mine clapclap

I believe that the oldest lure is on left of each pic (no stamp)...newest on far right (with patent #).

Plastic lip lure has screw issues with a mix of flat and round head crazysmilie .

Color box catalog dates to it has the Spinning Jitterbug in it. Box is correctly marked as 654S.

Re: Early Jitterbug Color "Family"

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:50 am
by MXB
@Rivermandave . . .

I never realised the green scale was not continued as a colour beyond 1960 and I have seen a number of variations mainly with the scale pattern which can be a silver or gold colour. I'm not sure when the differences are exactly. I also have one with unmarked bib which may be an earlier model. Suprising how many come up for sale but lots in poor condition. Alaways liked the early green scale Jitterbugs and the variation.

I was talking to Dave about this last week and was also saying how I have seen at least two variations on the 2 piece picture box + there was an earlier window box that had a cellophane insert which were discontinued due to the extra cost of production. Earlier unmarked bibs and wooden Jitterbugs would have been packaged in the cellophane window boxes.