My killa's @ May 2010

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My killa's @ May 2010

Post by fishaholiclures » Mon May 03, 2010 6:26 pm

After brolly's effort with his accidental collection, I shudder to think how he would go if he was serious NONO

Here is my collection of Killalures, original types and a couple of DK Original (what I refer to as Killalure Mk3)
KILLALURES may2010.jpg
The 3 nudes are not specials...The 5" Deep was apparently painted by Dave's son and was purchased 2nd/3rd hand
The 5" and 3' shallow's were a couple I had with next to no paint left on them. I love the shapes Dave made, so I scraped the remaining paint off and sprayed some clear on them.
here's a guide around the models and different packaging.
KILLALURES may2010 index.jpg
the only packaging I am missing is the original header card on a plastic bag (Piscatorial Enterprises,Gulliver),
Green & Yellow card (Piscatorial Enterprises,Garbutt)
Green & Yellow card (Piscatorial Enterprises Macrossan St, South Townsville)
Purple card (Piscatorial Enterprises Macrossan St, South Townsville)

Cheers Brad

hint hint hint ??? I am a naughty boy smckin lol
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