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Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:50 pm
by Ecofreak
Now just to keep the name theme going my name is also Paul and I have been involved in the tackle game for some time now, still love the tackle and its the only thing that keeps me around, have been fishing hard for about 20 years and still manage to hit the water at least 2 times a week during winter and 6 days a week during our warmer months, although in Victoria they are few and far between, my plastics collection has now officially gone beyond ridiculous and is now at the sheer embarressment stage of more than 3000 packs of assorted rubber and Gulp. now that the plastics is there now it is time to bring my Hard Body collection to the same level, have not started counting them yet but my last insurance inventory was somewhere around the 400 mark, let me start again.

My name is Paul and I am a Lureaholic, its been 4.2 hours since I bought my last lure crazysmilie

Spent a bit of time on the TV program Fishin Trip and wrote a few articles but found I missed out on too much fishing time and now just concentrate on the fishing first then if I have any time left over then I will do the other things. Fished a few bream events and am planning on fishing about 8 events next year so chance are I might see a few of you on the water.

This is my happy face in case I do see yas about

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:57 pm
noice EP Eco.....

well self adulation and praise come hard to ill try...

HEY YAOLL Im 'HOTRODS' also legally know as Perrie. 31 Yr old Male,
Married (for the second time...but this ones a keeper...she fishes !)
6 years in Novemeber...we seem to be quite fertile and have come into possesion of 3 female dependants, Zanthe - 5, Isabelle - 3 and Lucy 18+ months. and all seem to be budding little tackle rats like myself.

Have only been addicted to Angling since 1995 when i migrated from central NSW to the big smoke (wollongong) where my first chopper tailor had me heading down a VERY EXPENCIVE and all consuming path !

being a self sufficient little monkey and due to a tight budget i scored a few ratty old rods from a garage sale on the central coast of NSW, walked into a takleshop in Liverpool, Sydney..struck up an informative conversation with the owner, proceeded to ask for some guides, thread and can you show me how to put them on ??? well some bright blue thread and a piece of dowel appered and the quick lesson began..TOO EASY...NOW...Ive been a commercial self emplyed custom rod builder since 1999..who'd a thunk it !

Anywho ended up in Sunny Merimbula in the late 90's and fished my butt off..what a place...mullet to marlin !

I have managned 2 Tackle store along the way 1 in Eden, NSW and 1 in Christies Beach SA. and now im back in sunny ol' merimbula, waiting for the warm east coast current to BRING BACK MY LURE SCOFFING FISH !!!

I am a lure has been 14 mins since my last purchase (damn ebay) and this site has been created by a multi national lure manufacturing conglomerate to gather and study like minded individuals in order to design and produce little artificial morsels for us to hoard and stand guard precious zippedsmilie

so enough about me...lets talk about you...what do you think of me !!! lol

great to be onboard...LAMA no.3


Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 7:44 pm
by Ranger
Alrighty, looks like I'm up!

Ranger is a self confessed lunatic, and some idiot let him in on the secret that this website exists, so now you lot have to put up wiv my ramblings! Not to worry though, coz I already see quite a few familiar names in here, so most of you already know me!

I'm 43, married and self employed. Been fishing the local waters since I was about 2' tall, but strictly as a bait fisher!

I target, Bream, Salmon, Whiting, Snapper, Gar, Tommies, Bronzies, Mulloway, Snook, and pretty much anything else decent that happens to commit itself to my hooks!

Ya mighta even seen me on a lil segment of a show called Fishnet TV that I was lucky enough to be invited onto.

Apart from this, I've reviewed tackle for a Victorian company, and I hope before too much longer to start doing a bit of writing! I have plans running through my head for a book on fishing and fishing stories, and I'll have to seriously start getting that down before much longer.

I'm currently on my third boat, a 1996 4.8m Quintrex centre console/60hp Yamaha/80lb Minn Kota.

I only discovered that fish will really eat little bits of plastic 2 or 3 years back, so I've still got a lot to learn, but I've plunged in hard, and I'm enjoying the ride as I practice C&R on the local Bream population.

Kitted out my boat as a Bream hunter (coz I wasn't allowed to buy a second boat), joined the ABT, spent sh*tloads on rods, reels and assorted shiny objects, and here I am today playing an active role in kicking off a lil group known as SABT (South Australian Bream Tournaments).

Yep, we're in the process of starting our own lil classic tournament series here in SA. We've got the backing and support of ABT, Angus Inlet Boat Club has graciously agree to open their doors and host the events, Shane Mensforth has donated advertising space in SA Angler, and a few big name sponsors have already come aboard, so I'm really hoping that SA is about to catch up with our interstate counterparts, and get itself onto the map at last!

I'm an administrator on another lil local website, that's really a networking group for local anglers, where they can organise fishing trips, social events, or just dribble fishing crap to each other.

Luckily my wife also enjoys having a fish from time to time. she's quite supportive of my lil habit, and she doesn't mind me commiting to my hobby, even though sometimes she thinks I shoud be committed! crazysmilie

I have a penchant for quality gear, and my preference is for mid-top end Daiwa reels, and I'm currently in the process of changing to Millerods (my latest discovery) for my fishinsticks.

You'll probably find that I'm outspoken, opinionated and passionate when it comes to my favourite passtime. I shoot from the hip, and I don't mind saying what I think, but I'll always listen and give due consideration to everyone's views, and if I think I'm right, I'll stand by what I say, and give you a good explanation as to why I hold that view.

I believe as responsible fisho's it's up to us to portray the correct image, to promote our sport, and to care for the environment and resource we utilise.

We're all no doubt bound to meet up at some stage, coz within the fishing fraternity it's a pretty small world, and I'll be damn hard to miss, coz I've got "Ranger" plastered all over my 4WD, boat and clothing.

I tend to travel a fair bit with either boat or caravan in tow, so I also tend to pop up in the most unexpected places with a lil fishin pole in my hand, anywhere from KI to Thailand (as a few anglers have found out). So if ya see me out there, make the time to come over and say gidday!

Now how about someone tell me a bit about the site? How long's it been going, how many members, where's it based, what are the plans for the future, how about organised events, fishing trips, social outings, etc, etc, etc!

YOUR TURN NOW, coz I think I've talked enough! howdy

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 8:38 pm
by Dan
Hi my name is Daniel if you haven't guessed lol I've been fishing ever since i could, but have been doing it pretty heavily since i was about 10 years old and i am 20 now. I used to be a cabinet maker, then my back got hurt at work three and a half years ago which put a stop to that. Thats why i buy so many lures, if you can't go fishing you need to do something to do with it lol I generally target Bream and Mulloway, but enjoy going up the river for a troll aswell. I have never fished anywhere else but S.A, probably spent half my life fishing the Port River lol I have three nephews (as you would probably already know from reading Paul's post) the oldest Josh is getting to the the age now where he can come out for a fish, and i enjoy taking him out. I'm dreading Christmas in a few years time, with three nephews and the price of lures lol lol lol I have a 3.95 meter Stacer Sea Sprite, which i enjoy taking out when i can. Hopefully soon i can get a bow mount electric for it, i have a tiller steer freshwater one at the moment but it's hard to steer and i want an electric for salt. I need a electric boat winch aswell to take the pain out of taking the boat out. I'm looking forward taking the boat out later this year for the Bream and hopefully some nice Callop.
Ok that's enough, i hate doing this stuff lol thumbsupsmilie

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:17 pm
by Ranger
Dan, have ya considered fitting a "retrieve-a-mate" so that ya can just drive straight onto the trailer and the boat will latch itself into position?

That might be a bit kinder to ya back.

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:21 pm
by Dan
I would love something like that, but my trailers almost had it. Ill have to wait untill i get a new rig someday and put everything i need to make my life easier on it. I hope in the next year or two to maybe trade mine in and get some sort of package, and definetly get a drive on trailer.

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:11 am
by Ranger
mully wrote:anyone acting or behaving badly will be emailed and shown our sign up disclaimer and terms of membership to remind them why we are here.
Oh bugger, I don't think I've actually EVER really read a disclaimer on ANY site. I just tick the "I accept" box, so that I can move on quickly! Don't tell anyone I said that though! Don't worry, I haven't need a boot in the b*m yet!

It's good to get an insight into the site! I actually had a quick search after posting, and found the memberbase, then realised that posting only started a few weeks back. Good to see something else coming out of SA.

I sorta wish I had the nouse myself to start a website, but pc talk and operation just isn't my thing! I'm, still having problems operating my retractable pencil!

Good luck with the site, and I hope it holds big things for the future!

Maybe if'n you're interested, we can have a chat at some stage about aligning the SABT (South Australian Bream Tournaments) and the tournament fishos with this site, coz at our last meeting I know there was talk that a website to promote local events would be handy. Maybe that's something we can discuss on a rainy day though, coz you need to concentrate on building the site up as YOU see fit.

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 8:47 am
by Ranger
Dan wrote:Ill have to wait untill i get a new rig someday and put everything i need to make my life easier on it. I hope in the next year or two to maybe trade mine in and get some sort of package, and definetly get a drive on trailer.
Dan, I think what ya need is a nice lil Haines 490 Pro Strike, with the comfy seats and the clear uncluttered decks. And if ya travel fast enough, ya wont even feel the lil bumps.

We'll even get ya a nice yellow one for hi-vis safety, after all, ya DO have a back issue! thumbsupsmilie

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:51 pm
by Dan
Did you say $$$ oops i meant Haines lol I was thinking more along the lines of something a bit cheaper lol but it still has to have a drive on trailer.

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 10:59 pm
by Ranger
Makocraft! Similar to the Stessl edgetracker, but much groovier! Clean neat lines, side consoles, superstability, decent rod locker, ample storage and a very well laid out unit.

90 horses will push you around at a more than adequate pace, and it's only a fraction of the cost when compared to ProStrikes, Skeeters, etc.

Any boat is drive-onable, you just need a trailer to suit, and lack of sidewinds can be nice too!

Oh, and the day I can afford a Pro-strike, is the day I'll be enjoying life living in the tropics, sucking rum out of a coconut, while an island girl fans away my sweat with a palm leaf!

Hmmmm, now there's a plan for the future!