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Made in Japan (strong) Shimano Aero GT 2000

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:04 am
by GoldenChub
This reel is a summary of what was once considered the real Made in japan (personal opinion)... This is the third aerogt2000 passing through my house... First was purchased by my dad in 1995, using it often in river (every week from march to november), it has catched latest fish in 2008 because the pickup stopped click bowsmilie . So he was able to buy a nearly new, the second, a pair of years ago. Disappointed by the reels of last generation, never very reliable, even if high-end, I started to look too it on the ebay's auctions. I've finded it last week and it's arrived this morning. It was used but mechanically is perfect.I've already cleaned and lubricated it. My reel has the lower spool (without line)