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Dalton Special - Old Wood

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:08 pm
by MXB
One of my faviurite lure designs is 'The Dalton' which commonly refers to a style of lure as opposed to a model.

Here is an original Shakepeare 'Dalton Special' . . . uncertain of age. Great paint job;

Grabbed a couple of these both in this sort of scale pattern . . . really nice
This is the original that all the others tried to copy . . . Luhr Jensen, Barracuda and many others


Re: Dalton Special - Old Wood

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:33 pm
by laz
Nice lure mate .The Dalton Special was first carved out of White sugar pine by a Phillip Dalton in 1920 .They proved to be such a good fish getter so it was in great demand Dalton was not able to keep up supply so Some time in the early 30's he made arrangements for Shakespeare manufacture them for him but still retaining the Dalton Name .Some time in 1942 after a disagreement with Shakespeare over design issues Dalton ended his relationship with Shakespeare .His lure was then manufactured by the Florida Fishing Tackle and sold under its Barracuda Brand .Dalton sold the patent rights to Florida Fishing Tackle Co.Inc .The company went to plastic in 1958/59 and was called the the Dalton Flash .The plastic version did not perform that well so they went back to wood .In 1975 Clark Lea of Marine Metal Products acquired the equipment and trade mark and the rights to make the Dalton Special .The rights were then sold to Luhr Jennsen and son .thats about all i know for this one .Catch ya