Wisdom of Old Age

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Re: Wisdom of Old Age

Post by vince. » Tue May 08, 2018 2:18 pm

I have been doing a bit of reading through the old posts on this forum of late and found this one. Had a bit of a chuckle and moved on. I later got to be thinking about it and thought I might comment.

I`m not suggesting for one minute that Jim is anything but perfect, however, I have always been wary of those who think it`s their duty to tell us how we should live our lives. Almost all, to varying degrees, are hypocrites. We have politicians, holy men, philosophers and anybody who can quote some words of wisdom, all telling us what we should be and the best way to get there. From my observations over the years, most of those who quote words of wisdom and moral codes, rarely live by them. This is my little rant and my opinion and can be argued but as Jim rightly points out, no one will win.

I can`t fault any of Jim`s comments except this one, “I see no value in any of us aligning to either side of an argument, this should be a "feel-good' site for lure collectors.” I was always of the opinion that this was primarily an information site trying to give collectors the facts on lures. The feel good part was important and for me it made the site special, but the facts were surely the primary concern. Remember when you wrote this Jim, “I believe all information should be public knowledge (even if it creates more competition for me) and hate the "secret squirrel stuff". “ and this, “You keep saying you know the answers to things but aren't brave enough to tell all us poor ignorant b*stards.” Looks like you were not wanting to feel so good back then, but seeking the truth.

I have always said on this forum that to those who the facts matter, it should matter that they are the facts. Arguing on either side of a moral point will always be of no value. Arguing for the truth or the facts on an information based site, I thought would be a good thing for the collectors who were always asking for the truth. If you just want to feel good and believe everything without question, why would an argument on anything be of concern to you.

In the thread “Latest Batch Pristine Newells” on this site, you will see the perfect example of the no value side of arguing from ignorance or lies and arguing on moral values such as signing lures after the maker is deceased. Up until Mully closed that thread, the only post in that thread that actually addressed the original question and was fact, was deleted. Everything else was based on the initial lies told and certainly of no value.

Arguing for the truth should never be discouraged as it has been and still is on most sites.

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