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Some of my wonderful Stumpies

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:36 am
by Stephen Booth
So here is my other little secret - Stumpies.

I caught my first golden and cod on a lure on these rippers and still remain my go to lure for cod and yellas (callop, golden perch - whatever you call them!) in shallower water.

These are my special ones (still need to assassinate Frank to get that ripping pearl limited edition one - sorry Frank!)

So let's start at the top.
1. The set of special or different Stumpies I currently have
Stump 1.jpg
2. The two timber Stumpies I own - unfortunately used and abused but with some great stories to tell
Stump 5.jpg
Stump 4.jpg
3. Special Catch and Release limited edition No. 1 Stumpies from what is now Fisheries Victoria - apparently only 500 made for a tagging program
Stump 2.jpg
4. A No. 2 Stumpie in the connectable box from DPI Vic - this may have been from catching a tagged golden perch in the Murray a few (well over 10) year ago
Stump 6.jpg
5. Some Futurefish and StumpJumper stickered key rings (over 10 years old too)
Stump 3.jpg
and lastly

6. Some prototype colours we messed around with at Freshwater FIshing when I worked there. Couldn't even tell you if they were released or not. But these are the actual samples Bill Classon and the team at Freshwater mulled over. These are dated after the release of the pink and purple Stumpie that is easily my favourite colour and we call the illegal lure because it works so well at Bundalong.
Stump 7.jpg
One day I'll bore you all witha full red and balck colour selection, but that's for another day.

John Ellis and Pat Levy have always been exceptionally helpful with special projects and although these are basically all plastic, just shows how the local makers really support local projects.


Re: Some of my wonderful Stumpies

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:18 pm
by Jigmaster

No way are you getting your hands on the abalone shell Stumpy!

Really like the special AFN prototypes. Have several of the pink/purple AFN stumpies in the package signed by the staff - back when they had good staff before they let riff-raff like you in!!

They really are marvellous Australian lures.


Re: Some of my wonderful Stumpies

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:37 pm
by Stephen Booth
lol lol Thanks Frank

Stumpies are awesome. And I used to have the pink and purple ones in their signed pack but they were released way before I thought of collecting them so they were all rigged up and sent into action.

And yep, it was a great team prior to my arrival - just got better when I arrived lol lol lol .

Talk soon