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JaySea Eyes

Post by Craig » Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:38 am

This is the eyes of early JaySea Lures.
The Taipan from the top picture has standard dolls eyes, the glue on style that everyone uses. Warren used these is 1987 and stopped using them quickly as they tend to fall off. These are the rarest of the production JaySea lures, the only one I've seen
The second picture is a Neeko, with the improved eyes that are like a thumb tack. They're made of glass and didn't fall off. This Neeko would be a 1988, as the later ones had smaller glass eyes.
later again but well before 1991 he started painting the eyes on.

JaySea Eyes 002.JPG
JaySea Eyes 004.JPG
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